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General Tradings has been opened on January 30th, 2019 in England. Considering many years of presence record of each of the group member in financial market, they have come together to establish General Tradings Co. and to make transactions using artificial intelligence and robotics. During past several months since the beginning of official activity of the company, its transaction system through usage made of artificial intelligence has been subjected to a quick development and put to high volume tests since October 25th, 2019. Upon unique profits gained during the this period of time, it has been decided by the company for General Tradings website to be designed so that other people in the world can also use the system to gain profit, in addition to the company itself. Based on experiments of last year, our system is capable of gaining averagely 5% profit on daily basis; and, a part of it (1-2.5%) would be shared with out investors, again on daily basis.

More than 8000 trading symbols in different markets including America Stock Exchange, England Stock Exchange, oil, precious metals, FOREX market, and digital currencies are simultaneously observed by artificial intelligence of the company; and, based on very complex conditions defined in it, transaction would be done in the shortest time possible and upon concerned profit in any of these markets providing condition for entrance, depending on each transaction and market status (5-100%). Then, target transaction will be ended till the next one. Artificial intelligence of the company primarily has been simultaneously entering just to 5 transactions with those stocks or symbols providing the condition for entrance. After market being closed for that symbol, we have been looking for another trading opportunity. However, considering more than 900% growth in the company’s capital during first 6 months since starting point of the system, currently entrance is made simultaneously into more than 10 transactions. The more would be available the capital; the higher would become the number of transactions. This is why; opportunities to create profit would be less ignored. This is one of the reasons for the company to create its website so that having more capital at hand and authorizing other people around the world to use our unique system; a win-win situation would be created for everyone involved.

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Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, transformation of the world of financial markets seems to be done by machine learning. Very soon, we will be observing a fundamental change in the field. That is, for future years all activities related to financial patterning and forecast of evolutions in financial markets seem to be done via artificial intelligence, with no need to presence of humans and/or their involvement. General Tradings Co. has gathered best of elites in computer, artificial intelligence, financial and stock exchange fields; and, using knowledge and experiments of highly experienced managers of the company, it has been able to make quick progress and to achieve predetermined goals one after the other. During a short period of time, the role will be played in more intelligent fields including decision making, financial and credit policy making, as well. In future, robots will be analyzing abnormal pattern of financial transactions to the aim of probability assessment of the market. In general, entrance of more advanced machines and faster supercomputers to different fields related to financial markets will lead to those algorithms not developed by human but by super advanced machines to take the lead in the stock and capital world. These machines will do what has been always done by human and will guide financial industry towards those horizons previously being out of reach and mind, due to limited mental and operational capabilities of people in financial organizations and institutions.

Artificial Intelligence Features

During pandemic of Coronavirus and financial markets becoming shaken, investors have been inflicted with heavy losses; however, our artificial intelligent system has been successful. When all people have been fearlessly selling their assets and even suffering losses; artificial intelligence in General Tradings provided company with huge profits through intelligent purchases from among valuable stock, even in oil and gold markets as well as digital currencies. This way, we became more aware of huge capabilities of the system.

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Some of intelligent purchases of the system during peak of Coronavirus crisis


These are just a part of transactions made by the system. A part of transactions are done on daily basis through quick entrances and exits via analyzing fluctuations. These are called high frequency transactions. Very large financial markets such as FOREX with daily volume of transactions equal to USD 6000 Billion, or America Stock Exchange with daily volume of transactions equal to USD 1000 Billion, and even gold and oil markets are capable of accepting huge amounts of money. General Tradings is intended to attract about 4 Billion dollars to increase its trading ceiling up to 5 Billion dollars. Goal-oriented dispersion of the capital in different markets can lead to gaining their profits.


System Strength and Security

General Tradings artificial intelligence computations are performed by a centralized computer system (300 computers), receiving and analyzing huge amounts of information from different markets, simultaneously. The computers are placed in headquarter of the company and the system uses cloud networking provided by Amazon Web Services simultaneously as a help for computations. This is of great help at peak time of the markets.
Development of this supercomputer and putting that into operation has been done with the help of J4 Capital leading company and new security layers has been specified for General Tradings system so that security of information and capitals would be guaranteed at any time.

Exponential Capital Growth

In 2020, General Tradings is intended to attract about Pound 4 Billion to increase its trading ceiling to Pound 5 Billion and to purposefully disperse the capital in various markets so that it would be profited from them. Exchange of capital among different markets takes place with the help of extraordinary artificial intelligence system of the company and company’s operators just are responsible for inspection and managing the process so that activities wouldn’t be compromised. Capital growth diagram of the company for a six months time period from October 25th, 2019 to April 25th, 2020 shows 900% profit. Considering reinvestment of the profit gained in next transactions, exponential growth has been resulted. General Tradings is aimed at increasing its capital to more than Pound 100 Billion during next three years.
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